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Kommission for Kids was originally set up as a program through Besst Realty Group to give a portion of the brokerage commission to the local school of their buyer's or seller's choice. The program is still very much a part of Besst Realty Group, but they decided they could better serve our local families, children and schools by making it an official nonprofit organization. Giving back to the community is the top priority.

Kommission for Kids supports local families by providing schools supplies, household products and financial support in times of need.

One of our biggest funding opportunities for schools is our annual food drive contest. Through this contest, we donate over $50,000 to local schools a year. In past years, we were able to donate over 150,000 items to the food banks and homeless shelters. It’s beautiful to see the community come together to make this happen every year.

Kommission for Kids is dedicated to serving our communities. We are eager to expand our efforts to reach more people.